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Work With A Skilled Litigator For Your Dispute

The last thing your business needs is for you to go into a courtroom unprepared. In court, everything you say and everything you have done is under a microscope, and the judge does not care about excuses or sides. Civil litigation requires extensive preparation, dedicated legal analysis and fierce advocacy.

At The Hudgens Law Firm PC, our team builds on the experience of our founder, Fredreck S. Hudgens, whose 20 years of litigation experience has directly led to his reputation for top-tier representation. We will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that you are notified of any updates in your case. We will handle everything while you focus on running your business or day-to-day life.

Handling Many Types Of Litigation Matters

As your representation, we will create a unique legal strategy for your case based on a thorough inspection of case facts and our years of experience. While many cases are resolved by negotiation or mediation, we prepare every case for the courtroom. This preparation allows us to negotiate on your behalf more aggressively, which in turn allows us to get the best possible outcome.

Our firm is skilled in areas such as:

Mr. Hudgens has extensive real estate and construction law experience in Houston’s booming metropolitan area. From title issues to development disputes, his litigation practice is uniquely suited to support your needs.

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