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An Experienced And Effective Mediator And Arbitrator

Our founding attorney, Field Hudgens, uses his nearly two decades of experience as a litigator to provide arbitrator and mediator services statewide. He is compliant with Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Section 154.052, requiring 40 hours of mediation studies, and listed in the Texas Comptroller’s Office Arbitrator Registry. His goal is to help opposing parties find collaborative solutions to their disputes through mediation or to provide final determination of disputes as an arbitrator. If you are considering mediation or arbitration or if another party has requested it, Mr. Hudgens can help both parties reach an agreement.

Why Choose Mediation Or Arbitration?

When you go in front of a judge, you give up control of your case. The judge determines the outcome of your case, and your avenues to change that outcome are limited. Moreover, litigation can be expensive and can take far longer than you expect because you are subject to the court’s schedule and demands.

Mediation takes the dispute into a negotiating room. The parties, whether individuals or businesses, sit down and discuss the case, explain their side of the story, and negotiate a solution. This approach gives parties far more flexibility and control over the outcome of their case. Arbitration takes the case out of the courtroom to a conference room for a final decision by an arbitrator chosen by the parties. The primary difference between arbitration and mediation is that mediation is not binding unless you resolve your dispute and arbitrations are final.

Mr. Hudgens is ready to act as a neutral mediator or arbitrator for your dispute.

Whatever your legal issue may be, we can help you explore your options. Call 832-698-5211 or send a message.