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Was Your Property Damage Claim Denied?

You think you are covered by insurance for natural disasters and other events. You faithfully pay your insurance premiums year after year. Yet when you file a claim for fire damage, wind damage or flood damage under your homeowner’s insurance policy, you get the runaround for months or your claim is flat out denied.

Insurance companies are very good at this game. They routinely deny, delay and undercut valid property damage claims. The Hudgens Law Firm PC is the powerful advocate you need to protect your rights as a policyholder. We handle property damage insurance claims in the Houston area and statewide. Do not take no for answer; contact us today to stand up for you.

Experienced Advocates For Texas Homeowners In Insurance Disputes

Attorney Fredreck S. Hudgens brings two decades of litigation experience, including representing homeowners in first party insurance disputes. He is familiar with property damage law and the nuances of homeowner policies that insurance companies hide behind to deny legitimate claims. He can knowledgeably assert your rights regarding claims for:

  • Hurricane damage, including flooding
  • Wind damage, including fallen trees
  • Fire loss, including smoke damage
  • Hail damage to roofs and siding
  • Water intrusion and mold claims
  • Winter storm damage (e.g., burst water pipes)

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Insurers are counting on many claimants to simply give up after one or two tries. They also make money on the interest while stringing claims along. And they have teams of defense lawyers to avoid payouts or downplay the damages. That’s where The Hudgens Law Firm PC comes in. Fredreck Hudgens helps to level the playing field for homeowners who are at the mercy of the big insurance companies.

He knows how to hold insurers accountable for misrepresentations of policy rights, failing to engage in good faith settlements, denying claims without investigation, failing to respond to claims in a timely fashion, or failing to provide a reasonable explanation for the denial. Mr. Hudgens is a veteran litigator who is not intimidated by the big insurance companies and defense firms. You can count on him for skilled and aggressive advocacy and attention to the critical details of your case.

Let Us Be Your Voice

Contact The Hudgens Law Firm PC to discuss your property damage claim and how we can help. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Call our Houston law office at (832) 698-5211 or email us today. We represent homeowners throughout Texas.