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Holding Builders Accountable For Construction Defects

When you have invested so much money in your new home or remodeling project, you expect quality work that will last for years. Substandard construction can lead to problems that compromise the structural integrity of your house, create health hazards for your family or reduce the value of your property.

The Hudgens Law Firm PC represents homeowners and commercial property owners in construction defect claims in the Houston area and throughout Texas. Attorney Fredreck Hudgens brings extensive experience in construction law and construction-related litigation. He will help you pursue legal action against the builder for the costs of repairs and other damages you have incurred.

Texas Law Provides For Construction Defect Relief

The Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) created a formal process for homeowners to sue contractors and subcontractors for construction defects. The act applies to new home construction, as well as additions, remodeling and landscaping projects. A claim under RCLA covers the flawed design or inferior construction plus any physical damage directly caused by the defect.

Fredreck Hudgens has handled the full range of construction defect cases, including:

  • Foundations and load-bearing walls
  • Roof leaks and water damage
  • Mold claims from water intrusion
  • Soil erosion
  • Substandard workmanship (e.g., cabinetry, brickwork)

There is a statute of limitations for construction defect claims under RCLA. The process requires formal notification and an opportunity for the builder to inspect the property and propose a remedy or challenge the claim. Mr. Hudgens will shepherd your claim through this process to make sure it is properly documented and timely filed. He will negotiate with the contractor and/or the insurance company for satisfactory resolution or represent you in litigation proceedings.

Ideally construction defect claims are brought within 5 years by the original owner. However, we can explore your legal rights if you are not the first owner or if more time has passed before the damage is discovered. There may be other warranties that apply or exceptions under RCLA.

The Hudgens Law Firm PC can also address defects in commercial property construction (which are not covered under RCLA), and we have defended builders and design professionals in construction defect claims and construction lien litigation.

Experienced Help For Residential Construction Defects

Contact a knowledgeable construction lawyer to find out where you stand. With 20 years of legal experience and a background in real estate, Fredrick Hudgens is well-suited to protect your rights and hold the builder and their insurer accountable for substandard work. Call our Houston office at (832) 698-5211 or contact us online.